Glasgow West

Glasgow West Housing Connections will connect you to 4 of the local housing providers in the Drumchapel area.

Drumchapel was built in the 1950's to take people from Glasgow out of the slums and give them a better standard of life. Within 20 years the main employers in the area, the factories and shipyards in Glasgow and Clydebank, closed down and Drumchapel became an area of high unemployment and poverty. But the area is now being regenerated, thanks to support from agencies such as the local housing associations.

Find out more about the work of the associations who are striving to improve the area by clicking on the logos on the right. Find out how to apply for a house, how to pay your rent and report a repair. Find out about what is happening in the Drumchapel area through the news pages and download forms and leaflets from the document library pages. And send us your comments through the contacts pages. We want to know what you think about our new websites.


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