Factoring Services

Factoring Services

The Association offers a factoring service to owners within its developments and recognises the benefits of providing this service, which will encourage good relations with local owners and ensure that all properties and common areas within the immediate area are adequately maintained.

As factors we arrange for the upkeep of common elements of the building fabric and garden areas of the development concerned on behalf of both our tenants and the owners living within it. We carry out regular inspections of the properties concerned and instruct contractors to carry out required repairs and service contracts to keep the property in good condition.

Our factoring service covers a variety of areas such as:

Common Cleaning
Common Landscaping
Common Lighting
Building Insurance
Service contracts for facilities such as door entry and fire detection systems

The Association will therefore seek to provide the highest possible standard of service to owners, while ensuring that such provision is always practical, legally compliant and cost-effective.
The Association will offer various methods of paying factoring charges to suit individual preference, e.g. payment card, direct debit and cheque. Owners may also pay more frequently than quarterly if they prefer.

Further Information

If you require any further information about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact our Housing Service Team.