Community Regeneration

Community Regeneration

Community Regeneration is a key aspect of the work which BHA undertakes. This work cements our investment in the physical regeneration of the area. Much of the physical work to the area has been completed over the last 20 years, yet deprivation persists and this area of work is aimed at tackling this and its causes.

Many of the people living in the area have benefited from opportunities in education and employment, but the neighbourhoods where we work remain some of the most deprived in Scotland.

In January 2004 BHA created the post of Community Regeneration Officer to progress their strategic goals in this area of activity.

BHA are aware that they are not in a position to meet all community needs/demands and work in appropriate and practical partnership with other agencies and organisations to better address the needs of our residents and secure the best outcomes for our community.

Our successes in Community Regeneration have been secured through the efforts of volunteers, committee, the community and BHA staff. This approach has helped us to maintain a focus on what the community wants and remain community led in our activities.