Easterhouse Housing & Regeneration Alliance (EHRA)

Easterhouse Housing & Regeneration Alliance (EHRA)

• What Is EHRA?

Easterhouse Housing and Regeneration Alliance (EHRA) is an umbrella organisation that represents the eight housing associations and co-operatives that operate in Greater Easterhouse.

EHRA members are:

Blairtummock Housing Association
Calvay Housing Association
Gardeen Housing Association
Easthall Park Housing Co-operative
Lochfield Park Housing Association
Provanhall Housing Association
Ruchazie Housing Association
Wellhouse Housing Association

Campaigning and Lobbying

The Committee Members and officers of EHRA are involved in campaigning and lobbying at all political levels.

Common Housing Application and Register

The members of EHRA developed a common housing application form and register. This enables applicants who are seeking accommodation to aply to seven landlords using one form.

Service Improvement and Benchmarking

Each EHRA member is part of the EHRA Benchmarking Club. The aim is to improve service delivery through performance monitoring.

Wider Projects and Initiatives

EHRA work in partnership with Greater Easterhouse Money Advice project to deliver welfare rights service in the eight different communities. EHRA members also share funding applications and resources for the community facilities that operate in the communities.

Employment and Training for Local People

EHRA work in partnership to provide opportunities for Housing Apprentices and access to formal qualifications (HNC Working with Communities/Housing)

For further information on EHRA contact Gardeen Housing Association, who act as secretary at or if you would like to download the information, please follow this link.