Information for Owner Occupiers

Information for Owner Occupiers

The Association offers a factoring service to owners and sharing owners whose properties fall within its area of management.  The Association recognises the benefits of providing a factoring service, which will encourage good relations with local owners and ensure that all properties and common areas within the estate are adequately maintained.  The Association will therefore seek to provide the highest possible standard of service to owners, while ensuring that such provision is always practical, legally compliant and cost-effective. 

The Association will offer various methods of paying factoring charges to suit individual preference, e.g. payment card, direct debit, cheque, switch or internet payment.  Owners may also pay more frequently than quarterly if they prefer.

A Direct Debit form may be down loaded here.

Useful information leaflet for Owners / Sharing Owners may be downloaded here or full details of the Association's Factoring Policy are available in the Important Documents Section.