Garden Tidy Scheme Launch

Garden Tidy Scheme Launch

Following our recent rent consultation and the decision by tenants to introduce a garden Tidy Scheme I am pleased today to launch the Association’s Garden Tidy Scheme.

Cloch’s Garden Tidy Scheme provides a basic garden maintenance service for older (over 70) or disabled tenants or tenants who are suffering ill-health. This service includes grass cutting, hedge trimming and occasional weed spraying during the months April to Early October.


To be eligible for our scheme, the applicant must be a tenant, and the applicant and all other members of their household must be:


·         aged 70 years or over,       OR

·         aged 65–69 years and have a long-term health condition or disability which would prevent them from maintaining their garden,     OR

·         aged 16 – 64 years and be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which has been awarded as a consequence of a physical or mental disability, where the disability would impede their ability to maintain their garden,         OR

·         registered blind. 


Full details of the eligibility criteria are available within our new Garden Tidy Scheme Policy which is available from this office or at our website here



If you would like to apply for the service please contact the office for a form or download a copy from our website below.  Where the service is over-subscribed we will hold a waiting list of applicants who meet the criteria for consideration in future years.

Garden Tidy Scheme Launch