The Association aims to offer a payment facility that suits your needs, hence the range of options detailed. Payment can be made with whatever frequency you desire. Payments can therefore be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly etc.

Factoring bills are issued twice a year, usually in July and December. The Association introduced a, free of charge, swipe card system for payment of factoring, and other charges in February 2003.

This Allpay.net system allows payments to be made at all Post Offices and PayPoint outlets. In addition, payments can also be made by Direct Debit, or via the Internet, and by telephone.

This payment system has provided more options for payment, including by Direct Debit; which is free of charge to owners. The cards issued for paying factoring fees are similar to those used when paying Council Tax to Inverclyde Council and many owners may have used PayPoint facilities to pay utility bills in the past.

Options for making payments are:

a. By Cash at your local Post Office or PayPoint – using your Allpay.net payment swipe card you can call at any PayPoint, PAYZone or Post Office and make a payment to your factoring account.

b. By Direct Debit - this system allows you to authorise the Association to debit your bank/building society account with the appropriate sum at an agreed frequency.You can obtain a Direct Debit Form from the Association’s office.

c. By Post - cash should never be submitted by post. If you wish to pay via this method, payment should be made by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Cloch Housing Association Limited’

d. Rent Direct - from the Benefits Agency – only available for owners who are in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance and are in arrears.The Benefits Agency will arrange to retain a fixed sum from the benefit and submit this frequently to the Association. Please ask a member of the Housing Services Section for details.

e. By Mandate - some employers are willing to retain payment of factoring fees off the employee’s wages / salary and submit this to the Association on an agreed basis (please check with your employer initially before asking the Association’s staff for details).

f. By Telephone – using your Allpay.net card and a valid Debit or Credit Card you can call Allpay.net’s call centre and make a payment to your factoring account. To make a payment in this way please telephone the allpay.net call centre on 0870 243 6040.

g. By the Internet - using your Allpay.net card and a valid Debit or Credit Card you can make a payment securely on-line by visiting Allpay.net’s website at www.allpayments.net. You may need to register if you haven’t used this system before. If you are not sure what is the best payment option for you please ask a member of the Housing Services Section for advice.

h. By credit/debit card - please call into the office with your card and you can pay your bill in person.

General Information

If you fall into arrears, it is vital the problem is discussed quickly. Consult with your Housing Officer as a matter of urgency. Your Housing Officer may be able to assist you in maximising your income and help you reach an arrangement to clear your arrears.

For some general information on our factoring service please refer to our Owners Guide which can be found in the important documents section.