Annual Tenant Visits

Annual Tenant Visits

Cloch Housing Association will visit each of our tenants in their home once a year. This is called your Annual Tenancy Visit. It is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the service we provide to tenants.

Annual Tenancy Visits are carried out by Housing Services staff, who all carry ID and are employees of the Association.

When do Annual Tenancy Visits take place?

We will write to you with an appointment for your first Annual Tenancy Visit. If this time isn't convenient for you, get in touch and we will rearrange this appointment for you.

During the Annual Tenancy Visit we will need to meet and see identification for each of the named tenants of the property.

The purpose of Annual Tenancy Visits

We have introduced Annual Tenancy Visits because we want to meet with all our tenants at least once a year to help improve the service you receive, and it gives us the chance to check that our homes aren’t being used for anything that breaches tenancy conditions and are being kept in a good condition.

They also give you the chance to talk about any issues you have with your home, or with your housing in general. We hope to help you identify and get help with problems before they start to feel unmanageable.