Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance

Cloch Housing Association insures the fabric of the building but it does not insure your home contents from damage from fire, flood, theft etc.  To have these items covered tenants should arrange their own contents insurance.  The Association along with most housing providers in Scotland promotes Thistle Tenants Risk low cost contents insurance policies.  The Association does not collect paymenst or process applications and receieves no financial gain from promoting the service, you are free to obtain your contents insurance from whichever provider you see fit.  More information about Thistle Tenants Risk is included below:




Thistle Tenant Risk Contents Insurance 

Imagine a life where you are able to have affordable insurance premiums which you can pay-as-you-go. Imagine enjoying the peace of mind that in a bad situation your home contents are covered, leaving you to concentrate on the things that really matter in life.

Well you no longer have to imagine


How much will the insurance cost?

The aim of Thistle Tenant Risks is to provide tenants with an affordable option for home contents insurance. Premiums vary depending upon your sum insured, age and postcode. For further information pick up an information pack from your local housing office or call 0845 601 7007,

or email tenantscontents@thistleinsurance.co.uk quoting your housing providers name. You can also visit www.thistletenants-scotland.co.uk

Reasons to choose the Thistle Tenant Risks contents insurance scheme

• Flexible, regular pay-as-you-go payment options. You can pay by cash, direct debit, postal order, credit or debit payment.

• No fuss, quick and easy to apply. Either complete a simple application form or contact us by telephone 0845 601 7007 (or it may be cheaper to call 01628 586 187 from a mobile).

• Insurance for realistic sums is available.

• No excess. You do not pay for the first part of the claim.

• Covers theft, water damage, fire and other household risks.

• Covers damage to internal decorations.

• Covers accidental damage to sanitary fixtures such as toilets and washbasins.

• Covers damage to external glazing for which you are responsible.

• Covers lost or stolen keys and freezer contents.

• You don’t need to have special door or window locks.

• Optional extensions such as personal possessions (cover away from the home), wheelchairs/mobility scooters, hearing aids and building covers for garages, huts and sheds is also available for an additional premium

This insurance does not cover your property against everything that can happen. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. A copy of the policy wording is available upon request. To make sure that you are always covered you must keep up to date with your payments. If you don’t pay your insurance premium your insurance may be cancelled.