Landscaping Programme

Landscaping Programme

As you may be aware ISS Landscaping services have been in preparation for the forthcoming 2016/2017 season.

Following feedback from residents we are now publishing the program on our website to ensure that residents will be aware of when they can expect the contractors in their area and also what they will be doing when they are, as they won’t carry out the same work schedule on each visit.

We have had several meetings with ISS and our own Clerk of Works and have agreed how the contract will be managed going forward, to ensure that performance improvement and resident satisfaction increases.  

We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help residents understand the contract better and get more from it.




How do I know when the work is due in my area and what they will be doing?

 ·  Please consult the diary attached which provides details of your area. This includes  when it will be attended to and what will be done whilst they are there, as not all services are carried out on every visit

·  Grass after being cut will be dispersed by blowers rather than it being lifted and removed.  This is normal practice  that grass cuttings are not removed from site, and this is the same practice carried out by other local Housing associations


So will the contractors definitely be out when the diary states?

·  A lot of landscaping work is weather dependant such as grass cutting and spraying weedkiller and it may be a week or so later or earlier than the program dictates, but it will scheduled works will be completed and you will receive the number of visits referred to in the diary.


Does anyone check the performance of the contractor?

· Yes, absolutely.  The quality of the work and keeping to the program is closely monitored by our Clerk of works and our Property Services team.  Items which need to be addressed are raised with the contractor and only signed off once we are satisfied it’s been dealt with.  


Is there anything I can do or not do to ensure that the area is properly maintained?

· Please don’t tidy an area before the works are due, as we cannot confirm who has carried out the work, which has led to confusion in the past.

· If you have a dog, please do not let it foul an area that is due for cutting, as this may result in an area not being cut, and/or the bill for the area being cleared being recharged to you. 

· We supply free dog poo bags at our reception.


What should I do if I have any issues?

 · Please contact Cloch with any issues you have to do with the management of the contract as and when the matter arises.

· By doing so we can liaise directly with the contractor and our Clerk of Works to affect a speedy resolution to your issue.

Please be assured that we have listened to what you have said and we are acting on it to improve our service delivery.  Thanks for your help with improving our service.