Ending Your Tenancy

Ending Your Tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy, you should contact this office for a termination of tenancy form.

Filling in the termination of tenancy form:

-              your tenancy will end no earlier than 28 days from the date the form is signed/returned to this office

-              you and any joint tenant must sign and date the form in the correct place

-              if you live in the house with your partner (who are not joint tenants), they must also sign the form to confirm they have agreed to give up the tenancy

What happens next?

-              you will receive a letter confirming the date your tenancy will end and what your responsibilities are up until your tenancy ends

-              the Senior Technical Officer will contact you to arrange an inspection of your property

Inspecting your property before you leave to make sure that it is being left in a satisfactory condition

After the inspection, we will let you know if you need to:

-              remove alterations or improvements you have carried out without our permission

-              carry out any repairs you are responsible for

-              carry out any works to bring your home up to an acceptable standard; OR

-              remove any sheds, outhouses etc.

-              if you fail to carry out anything we have asked you to do, we will carry out the work and may charge you for it

Before you leave your home it is important that you do the following:

gas, electricity, phone - make sure that you contact the relevant companies so that they can arrange to read your meter and give you the final bill

fixtures and fittings - you will need to fill in any holes or repair any damage left by wall fittings you are taking with you (for example, shelving, pictures etc.)

floor coverings and furniture - you should remove all floor coverings when you leave the property, unless advised otherwise;  we will not be responsible for any items left in the property and we may charge you for the cost of having to remove any property you have left behind

disposal of items - all household effects should be removed from the property including any items in the loft space;  you can contact Glasgow City Council, Cleansing Department on 287 9700 to arrange an uplift at a cost to yourself;  failure to arrange removal of items could result in you being recharged for any resulting costs incurred by the Co-operative after you leave the property

cleaning - once the house is empty, you should ensure it is cleaned and all bins and other storage areas emptied

REMEMBER if you do not end your tenancy in line with this guidance, we may charge you what it costs to bring the property up to an acceptable standard.  It may also affect your ability to get another rented property in the future.  For more information please contact the office.


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