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Thank you for your interest in Dunbritton Housing Association and welcome to our website.

Our website will be able to provide you with vital information whether you are an existing tenant, potential tenant interested in applying to join the waiting list, sharing owner, factored owner, a person interested in what we do or a company providing services.


Dunbritton Housing Association has a clear vision and purpose which is as follows:

Our Vision

‘Dunbritton Housing Association’s Vision for our area is a thriving, diverse, healthy and safe community with amenities that enhance quality of life.’

Our Purpose

Dunbritton Housing Association’s Purpose is to:

  • Support our tenants to sustain their tenancies and have a better quality of life
  • Work with our customers, staff and partners to achieve our Vision
  • Provide good quality housing and services that are affordable and accessible to all
  • Support the physical, social, economic and environmental regeneration of our estates and the communities in our area
  • Enhance quality of life in diverse communities that are safe, sustainable and attractive


Our Values

While our objects, vision and purpose are clear and tangialbe, it is necessary to set out the values whihc underpin the way we behave.

In pursuing our vision and purpose, the following values are at the heart of everything we do:

  • We listen to and learn from our tenants and other customers
  • We are a responsible and caring social landloard and employer
  • We are open and accountable for everything we do
  • We are pro-active and innovative in dealing with opportunities and problems
  • We are honest, approachable and reliable
  • We are respectful and will give fair treatment to everyone
  • Positive about Disabled People
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Latest News

Complaints Report July - December 2014

To download our latest Complainst Report please click on the link below

Complaints report July - December 2014

Management Committee Cuts Planned Rent Increase

Dunbritton’s Management Committee has decided to cut the proposed amount of rent increase that would have been applied from 28 March 2015.

 In November 2014 the Committee had proposed to go with an increase in rents for the year 2015/16 of October’s RPI + 1%.

 hat would have meant an increase in rents of 3.3%.

However, having consulted our tenants and listening to what they had to say, the Committee decided to cut the proposed increase by 0.5%; keeping the proposed increase in rents under 3% at 2.8%.

Bearing in mind the ongoing difficult economic circumstances that directly impact on many of its customers and falling interest rates, Dunbritton’s Management Committee decided to restrict the increase and review its budget for 2015/16.

This means there will be no impact on service delivery; and the rent increase can be held at an affordable level. Letters are being sent to all tenants before the end of February advising them of their new rents.

Morven Short, Director, said: “We constantly review everything we do, aiming to deliver the highest possible levels of service, while maintaining rents at affordable levels. The decision to minimise the rent increase proves that we listen to our customers; and react to what they are saying to us.

This decision presents a real challenge, especially as we have undergone a recent restructuring, but I have every confidence that my staff will continue to deliver excellent services.” 

Sephton MacQuire, Convenor, said: “We’re conscious that a significant number of our tenants have incomes that keep them just above the threshold for benefits; and it’s these people who are finding the current situation particularly difficult. We aim to make our properties affordable to all and we hope this this decision shows our commitment to equality in relation to all of the services we deliver.

I trust that this decision shows our commitment to listening to our customers while we continue to maintain and improve their homes”