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Thank you for your interest in Dunbritton Housing Association and welcome to our website.

Our website will be able to provide you with vital information whether you are an existing tenant, potential tenant interested in applying to join the waiting list, sharing owner, factored owner, a person interested in what we do or a company providing services.


Dunbritton Housing Association has a clear vision and purpose which is as follows:

Our Vision

‘Dunbritton Housing Association’s Vision for our area is a thriving, diverse, healthy and safe community with amenities that enhance quality of life.’

Our Purpose

Dunbritton Housing Association’s Purpose is to:

  • Support our tenants to sustain their tenancies and have a better quality of life
  • Work with our customers, staff and partners to achieve our Vision
  • Provide good quality housing and services that are affordable and accessible to all
  • Support the physical, social, economic and environmental regeneration of our estates and the communities in our area
  • Enhance quality of life in diverse communities that are safe, sustainable and attractive


Our Values

While our objects, vision and purpose are clear and tangialbe, it is necessary to set out the values whihc underpin the way we behave.

In pursuing our vision and purpose, the following values are at the heart of everything we do:

  • We listen to and learn from our tenants and other customers
  • We are a responsible and caring social landloard and employer
  • We are open and accountable for everything we do
  • We are pro-active and innovative in dealing with opportunities and problems
  • We are honest, approachable and reliable
  • We are respectful and will give fair treatment to everyone
  • Positive about Disabled People
  • Home Swapper
  • Browse Aloud

Latest News

ACT Argyll - Skills and Contracts Manager Job Opportunity

A new partnership between Dunbritton Housing Association, West Highland Housing Association and Argyll and the Isles Coast and Countryside Trust has secured the funding support needed to launch ACT Argyll with teams in Helensburgh and Oban.

ACT Argyll will employ local people to deliver environmental contracts for a range of partners whilst offering a progressive structure for training and skills provision for local jobs. This will take care of and enhance our countryside and green spaces and at the same time provide real jobs and training opportunities.

Dunbritton Housing Association were successful in being awarded funding from the Scottish Government’s  People and Communities funding stream, which was then matched by contributions from Argyll and Bute Council, Forestry Commission Scotland , Scottish Natural Heritage, West Highland Housing Association, Skills Development Scotland and Argyll and the Isles Coast and Countryside Trust (ACT).

Sephton MacQuire, Convenor of Dunbritton Housing Association said “We have a proud record of creating jobs and apprenticeship opportunities throughout Argyll and Bute. Dunbritton are delighted to be part of a new partnership with the recently formed ACT which will result in more valuable jobs being created for local people. We would like to thank the Scottish Government for their support through the People and Communities Fund and look forward to working with all our partners to ensure that ACT is a great success.’

Argyll and the Isles Coast and Countryside Trust was launched in April 2014, and this project is a major step forward with its objectives to provide skills and training opportunities whilst delivering environmentally focussed projects. 

Ian Hepburn, ACT Chairman said Working with partners across the area to establish ACT Argyll is one of a number of exciting projects which ACT has been developing.  It’s been a great first year for our charity and we are looking forward to moving our operations to the next level.”

ACT Argyll Projects will be established as a new limited company wholly owned by ACT charity.

The recruitment process for a Skills and Contracts Manager to lead the project has already begun, with full details and application form on the act website www.act.now.org.uk   Opportunities for Team Chargehands, and an Administrator will be advertised in the near future, and each team will offer 12 month Trainee positions and 6 month Environmental Assistant placements. Teams will be on site in Helensburgh and Oban in autumn 2015.

For further info contact Julie Young, ACT Development Officer info@act-now.org.uk tel: 01546 604309.

Residents Consultation Group

Dunbritton would like to invite all residents to the Residents Consultation Group to be held in The Abbotsford Hotel, Dumbarton on Wednesday 27 May 2015 at 6:15pm.

At our next meeting we are hoping to discuss the under noted matters;

- Customer Groups - Geographical location
- Housing Officer Areas / Estate walkabouts
- Customer Services Standards
- Mystery Shopping
- Voluntary Committee Members

However should you wish to add items to the Agenda please contact Customer Services:

- E-mail: admin@dunbritton.org.uk
- Telephone: 01389 761486

Click the following link View a copy of the Residents Consulation Group Invitation Letter.