Welcome to Faifley Housing Association

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Welcome to Faifley Housing Association 

"We aim to contribute to the social economic regeneration of the Faifley area, and to provide good quality affordable housing for people who want to live in Faifley via a high quality housing service controlled by local people"

Faifley Housing Association is a recognised Scottish Charity registered under Scottish Charity No SC037273


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Latest News

Preparing for Winter


Scotland has been experiencing some of the coldest weather and the worst snow and ice that we have seen for many years.

But even an average winter is likely to include cold snaps and snowfalls, ice, storms, high winds, heavy rain and fog. Some parts of Scotland can be worse affected than others, and weather has the ability to disrupt our daily lives, whether that’s by flooding, blocked roads, uprooted trees, power cuts or burst pipes at home.

The Scottish Government has published information about preparing for winter at www.ReadyScotland.org/ which contains some practical advice and simple steps people can take to protect themselves, their families and their businesses.

Ready Winter information can be found here:



Changes to Right to Buy

Changes to the Right to Buy

Right to Buy (RTB) is ending for all tenants of social housing in Scotland on 1 August 2016

There are 2 types of Right to Buy at present:

Preserved – If you had a tenancy before 30 September 2002 and you have not moved home since.


Modernised  - If your tenancy began between 30 September 2002 and 1 March 2011.


No right to buy – if you became a tenant for the first time on or after 2 March 2011.

You will have been given notice of your Right to Buy entitlement at your sign up but if you are unsure which RTB applies to you, please contact us for further advice.

Notice Period

The Scottish Government has introduced a Notice Period.  The notice period ends on 31 July 2016.  If you are able to exercise a RTB, you can apply to do so up until then.

Any application made after that date will not be accepted as there will no longer be a Right to Buy.  As long as your application is submitted by the end of the notice period, it will be considered in the usual way.

Applications can be accepted during the notice period subject to certain conditions.  You can find a full guidance note on both our website at http://www.scottishhousingconnections.org/HA/Faifley/ and in our reception. 

Staff will also be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.