Current Properties

Current Properties


Faifley Housing Association is a community based Registered Social Landlord (RSL) operating in the Faifley area of Clydebank. It was set up in 1992 following a stock transfer from Clydebank District Council and owns 334 units.

Our main area of business is letting and managing tenancies in line with both legislative and good practice guidance.

The underlying principle of our Allocations Policy is to allocate our housing stock to those households displaying the highest levels of housing need.

In achieving this, we are committed to:

· Providing good quality rented accommodation affordable to those in

  housing need.

· Contributing to the physical, social and economic regeneration of the area.

· Providing a safe environment in which all residents can live.

The units we own comprise of both new build and modernised stock and consists of flats and houses. The Association also has 12 homes specially built or adapted for wheelchair users and 38 amenity flats. The stock breakdown is as follows:

 · 2 apartment properties   = 57                     3 apartment properties   = 138

· 4 apartment properties   = 116                    5+ apartment properties = 23

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for a house with us. You can collect a housing application form from our office or you can telephone or write into our office and one will be sent out to you. You can also e-mail us or send us a text message to our E-mail address if your mobile telephone has the facility available.

Should you require assistance to complete an application form an appointment can be made for you to speak to one of our officers.

Application forms can also be made available in alternate forms and in different languages if required.  We can also provide translation services at the time of application via a telephone system.  Please advise us if you require this service.  We may have to liaise with other agencies at this point which may delay the completion of the application.

How are empty houses allocated?

We have 4 main categories:

 1.   Nominations from West Dunbartonshire Council                                                            

      (This includes Homeless referrals known as Section 5 Allocations)

2.    Housing List

3.    Internal Transfers

4.    Referrals and Mutual Exchanges

All points awarded will require to be substantiated and further information provided where necessary.

What do we give points for?

We allocate points to the following criteria:

 · Overcrowding or Under occupying         · Property condition

· Lacking amenities                                   · Insecurity of tenure

· Sharing amenities                                   · Medical Priority   

Availability of housing

It is extremely difficult for us to give an indication of when a house will become available as it changes fairly quickly. We can however provide details of last year’s lets. There were approximately 23 properties available for re-let during the period 2014/2015. 

Breakdown of lets

The following applicants were re-housed during the above period:

Housing List applicants – 20               Statutory Homeless Referrals – 5    

Internal Transfers – 4                     Supported Accommodation - 2                       

These allocations were made to 2, 3 & 4 apartment properties.

Average Rent Charges

Faifley Housing Association is committed to ensuring that our rents are affordable.  The following table gives a guide to housing costs at (28.3.15) and the figures show our average rents.  This is only a selection of properties.

Size of Property                    Average weekly rent

2 apartment                           £70.09

3 apartment                           £76.27

4 apartment                           £80.75

5 apartment+                         £82.58                                                       

If you are on a low wage or are not working, you may qualify for Housing Benefit to help cover the costs of housing.  We can assist with your application.

We hope that you may consider the possibility of being re-housed by Faifley Housing Association and we look forward to hearing from you.


Faifley Housing Association, Skypoint, Lennox Drive, Faifley, Clydebank, G81 5JY          

T: 01389 877924                        F: 01389 874521                     E: