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  • A Guide to Scots Law

    20 June 2016

    A Guide to Scots Law

     Are you new to Scotland?  Are you aware of the laws you must follow when living here?

  • Office Closure

    11 August 2015

  • Happy to Translate

    11 August 2015

    The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 places a responsibility on all public authorities to be able to demonstrate their commitment and accountability towards race equality.

    This means that Faifley Housing Association must put in place Policies and Procedures which allows us to communicate with any individuals who may encounter language barriers when trying to access out services.

    We already have in place a Telephone Interpreting /Translation Service (Language is Everything), which has allowed us communicate effectively with service users but we felt that this service required to be enhanced to meet our responsibilities.

    As a result of this, we have now joined the above initiative (Happy to Translate). This service provides us with a widely recognised symbol which conveys that we are committed to quality service delivery to everyone who requires it.

    The initiative is widely regarded as the step before contacting a language service provider in that the log encourages the service user to approach us, confident in the knowledge that their language needs will be met.

    Happy to Translate provides guidance and tools to enable us to deal more effectively with queries from everyone, regardless of their ethnicity.


  • Changes to Bin Collection Days

    11 August 2015

    As you may be aware West Dunbartonshire Council have changed the uplift days for refuse collection.  Instead of weekly collections the black/grey bins will now be collected every TWO weeks.  This means your residual waste will be collected one week and your recycling the following week.

    Blue recycle bins can be requested from West Dunbartonshire Council on 0845 111 0050 or

    If you live in a tenemental property only two blue bins per close will be provided.

    This is to ensure all waste is recycled in accordance with the Government’s commitment to recycle 60% of waste by 2020.

    Faifley Housing Association would urge all residents to ensure they recycle as much waste as possible.  This will also assist with the amount of residual waste put out for collection.

    West Dunbartonshire Council have advised they will NOT uplift any black bin bags left lying therefore please ensure all bagged waste is securely deposited into the wheelie bins provided.



  • Changes to Right to Buy

    02 December 2014

    Changes to the Right to Buy

    Right to Buy (RTB) is ending for all tenants of social housing in Scotland on 1 August 2016.


  • Loan Sharks

    17 February 2012

    Stop Loan Sharks Taking A Bite Out Of Your Money!

    To report a suspected Loan Shark, phone in confidence to:

    0300 555 2222 (Crimestoppers) - Calls charged at a local rate even from a mobile

  • Independent Resource Centre

    08 November 2011

    Welfare Rights Service

    To ensure that all tenants are aware of their entitlement to benefits etc or for those tenants/owners who may require assistance with debts, Faifley Housing Association is now offering a Welfare benefits service in our offices on a Tuesday and Thursday morning between the hours of 10am and 1pm.

    This is a service we will use jointly with another local landlord and it is provided by the Independent Resource Centre which is based in Dalmuir.

    All advice is Free, Confidential and Independent.

    The Independent Resource Centre offers the following services:

    • Benefits Advice
    • Housing Related Advice
    • Benefits Appeals/Tribunals
    • Debt/Money problems
    • Employment Rights
    • Pensions

    You can contact them direct on 0141- 951- 4040 if you wish to discuss your financial matters or alternatively, you can make an appointment with an advisor through the Association on 01389-877924.

    Don’t allow rent arrears, Council Tax or any other debts cause you sleepless nights, make an appointment now.

  • Fire Safety Checks

    05 August 2011


    Is your smoke alarm working?  Would you like to upgrade it, FREE of charge, to a long life alarm?

    Clydebank community fire station are now offering FREE home fire safety visits to everyone in the area.  Even the phone call is FREE!  Just call 0800-0731-999.  The fire station will call you back to arrange a time and date that suits you.  Alternatively you can phone Clydebank community fire station direct on  01389 385141

    During the visit firefighters will offer to check each room of your house with you, helping you to make sure your house is safe.  If you don’t have a working smoke alarm we’ll fit one free of charge.

    Jim Quinn, Clydebank Community Fire Station’s Station Commander, said, “For many years Clydebank’s firefighters have provided an excellent, life saving service by fighting fires.  Now we are also trying to ensure the chances of you having a serious fire are as low as possible.  We’d rather visit people to fit a long life smoke alarm than to put a fire out!”

    Do you have a relative, friend or neighbour who could benefit from a home fire safety visit?  Do you know someone who doesn’t have a smoke alarm?  Why not have a word with them about the home fire safety visits?  Let us know and we’ll give them a call!

    Every hour, every day, there’s a house fire in Scotland.  Give us a call now to help make sure you, and your family, are safe.

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