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    08 November 2011

    Welfare Rights Service

    To ensure that all tenants are aware of their entitlement to benefits etc or for those tenants/owners who may require assistance with debts, Faifley Housing Association is now offering a Welfare benefits service in our offices on a Tuesday and Thursday morning between the hours of 10am and 1pm.

    This is a service we will use jointly with another local landlord and it is provided by the Independent Resource Centre which is based in Dalmuir.

    All advice is Free, Confidential and Independent.

    The Independent Resource Centre offers the following services:

    • Benefits Advice
    • Housing Related Advice
    • Benefits Appeals/Tribunals
    • Debt/Money problems
    • Employment Rights
    • Pensions

    You can contact them direct on 0141- 951- 4040 if you wish to discuss your financial matters or alternatively, you can make an appointment with an advisor through the Association on 01389-877924.

    Don’t allow rent arrears, Council Tax or any other debts cause you sleepless nights, make an appointment now.

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