Changes to Bin Collection Days

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  • Changes to Bin Collection Days

    11 August 2015

    As you may be aware West Dunbartonshire Council have changed the uplift days for refuse collection.  Instead of weekly collections the black/grey bins will now be collected every TWO weeks.  This means your residual waste will be collected one week and your recycling the following week.

    Blue recycle bins can be requested from West Dunbartonshire Council on 0845 111 0050 or

    If you live in a tenemental property only two blue bins per close will be provided.

    This is to ensure all waste is recycled in accordance with the Government’s commitment to recycle 60% of waste by 2020.

    Faifley Housing Association would urge all residents to ensure they recycle as much waste as possible.  This will also assist with the amount of residual waste put out for collection.

    West Dunbartonshire Council have advised they will NOT uplift any black bin bags left lying therefore please ensure all bagged waste is securely deposited into the wheelie bins provided.



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