Staff & Committee

Staff & Committee






Roslyn Crawford - Director

Lyndsay Findlay - Senior Housing Officer

Clare Gallagher - Property Services Assistant

Anna Morton - Customer Services Officer

Debbie McVean - Administrative Assistant

Kirsty Brothers - Receptionist 

As we are a small staff team we buy in expertise to help us deliver our service. This reduces our costs and we can pass these on to owners, tenants and applicants. We buy in finance and maintenance services.


We purchase a finance service from FMD Financial Services who work with us on budgeting, management accounts, annual accounts and long term projections.

Rhona Joss - FMD Financial Services


Tom Atkinson from Atkinson Partnerships assists Gardeen in carrying out technical inspections and providing advice on the procurement of contractors and consultants to help us organise the planned maintenance works that include kitchens and bathrooms.

Gardeen Staff

Roslyn is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the entire organisation, and ensuring that the Committee of Management has the information they require to ensure informed decision making and compliance with all regulatory bodies. Roslyn joined Gardeen back at its creation and continues to be committed to the Association and its aims.

Lyndsay joined Gardeen in 2008 and is responsible for managing the housing management and maintenance services of the Association. Following a staff restructure, Lyndsay was appointed Senior Housing Officer in 2014.

Clare started in January 2015 and assists Lyndsay in collecting rent, managing voids, estate management and all tenancy matters.

Anna joined Gardeen in 1995 and is currently responsible for inspecting and organising repairs, monitoring gas safety, liaising with tenants and contractors and monitoring tenant satisfaction.

Kirsty joined the Association in June 2015 as a Modern Apprentice and is now employed as a Receptionist. 

Debbie is the Administrative Assistant for the Gardeen team and provides valuable support to the staff team and the Management Committee. Debbie has housing association experience and joined us in March 2016.    

Gardeen Housing Association is a voluntary run housing association formed by residents of the Gardeen area to radically improve their previous poor housing conditions and to continue to maintain them. We are run by local residents and supporters of the Association who have a clear idea of what is needed to make Gardeen a better place to live and to deliver a quality service to tenants, owners and applicants.

Our Committee (following August 2016 AGM)

Colin Cameron - Chairperson

Rose O Malley - Vice Chair

Marion Leat - Secretary

David Lovett - Treasurer

Mary McGuigan

Rena Clark

Margaret Smith  (resigned September 2016)

Rena Quinn  (resigned October 2016)

Helen Marcowich

Rose O'Malley

Joanne Mullen             

Margaret Livingstone

Sarah Lack-McDevitt (casual vacancy)  


What Is Gardeen Housing Association?

Gardeen Housing Association operates within the Barlanark area of Greater Easterhouse. Volunteer members, most of them local tenants, run the Association. The main principle is that volunteers have the good of the Community at heart and wish to help make Gardeen a better place to stay. We do not trade for profit. Any surplus income is invested in order to pay for future repairs to the properties. We comply with the requirements of Scottish Housing Regulator, Scottish Housing Charter, Office of Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and report to the Finance Conduct Authority.  

A Management Committee elected from its membership runs the Association. The Management Committee makes all the important decisions about what the Association should be doing and how this should be done. Staff and consultants are employed by the Management Committee to act on these decisions and to carry out the day to day work of the Association.

The Management Committee is committed to improving performance to ensure that a quality service is provided to tenants, customers and applicants. Staff work to ensure the outcomes required by the scottish Housing Charter and to improve services to Tenants.

The Association is always keen to attract new members to the Management Committee. If you would like more information on what committee membership involves, please read the details below and contact Roslyn at our office to discuss.

Who Is A Member?

You can become a member of Gardeen Housing Association if you are a tenant, Service user or supporter of the Association.

The benefits of membership are that you can vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and possibly be voted on to the Management Committee. By being a member you can influence how the Association operates and play a major part in making decisions on how to continue the management of the area. Please contact the office for an eligibility form and membership form or email info@gardeen.org.uk

How Do I Become A Committee Member?

If you are elected onto the Management Committee you will make decisions about the area that you live in.  You will consider the interests of all tenants, customers and applicants of Gardeen Housing Association. You will help to ensure that the Assocation is delivering the Scottish Housing Charter to tenants.  

Firstly you must already be a member of the Association. To become a member you need to complete an application form and pay £1. You will also be required to complete an eligibility form.  The Management Committee will consider your application and if approved you will then become a Member. You can also pick up an induction pack to find out more.

Secondly, the usual way to become a Management Committee Member is to be elected at our Annual General Meeting. To stand for election you will need to fill out a Nomination Form and deliver this to the Association's Office at least 7 days before the meeting. At the meeting your nomination will be raised. If there are more nominations than available places then there will be an election and all the members present will vote for each person. The person with the most votes will be elected.

Alternatively, if you decide you wish to become a Member during the year you can be invited to fill any Casual Vacancies that may exist. You would however need to be formally elected at the following AGM.

Thirdly, the Management Committee may ask to co-opt you onto the Management Committee if you have specific skills and knowledge that you could contribute to the running of the Association.

What Does A Committee Member Do?

The Management Committee is made up of Members and includes a Chairperson, Vice- Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are filled annually after every AGM.

The Management Committee makes all the important decisions and ensures that the Charter demands are met. It sets the annual budget, monitors and approves spend over the year, approves planned maintenance spend and approves financial and performance returns to the Scottish Housing Regulator, OSCR and the FCA.   Staff and consultants are employed by the Management Committee to act on these decisions and to carry out the day to day work of the Association to ensure compliance with the Charter and other external agencies in addition to providing a service to tenants, owners and applicants.   

How Does The Management Committee Work?

The Management Committee meets once a month and deals with the strategic and governance work of the Association. This includes the Finance & Staffing work of the Association, with the monitoring of all the Association's finances and quarterly Property Management reporting. Minutes of the meetings are available on request.

Code Of Conduct

Gardeen Housing Association has a Code of Conduct for Committee Members. All Committee Members are asked to sign this Code on their election or appointment to the Management Committee. This code details the expected standards to which our Committee Members must work and is endorsed by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and the Scottish Housing Regulator.


Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR)


The Scottish Housing Regulator regulates to protect the interests of tenants, homeless people and others who use our services. The Management Committee works to comply with the regulatory standards of Governance and Financial Management.


Office for Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)

Gardeen Housing Association is a Scottish charity 037681 and complies with charity law.


Scottish Housing Charter


The Scottish Government has introduced a charter that sets out the standards and outcomes that tenants can expect from Gardeen, in terms of quality and value for money, standard of homes and opportunities for communications and participation. The Management Committee works towards improving charter outcomes for tenants.

Interested In Joining?

If you wish to join the Management Committee then please contact Roslyn or Lyndsay on 0141 771 9590 or email info@gardeen.org.uk  

Is Joining The Management Committee The Only Way To Get Involved?

No. There are lots of ways in which you can get involved.

1. You can become a member and attend the AGM
2. You can come along to our close meetings or attend wider role tenant meetings.
3. You can become involved in the various consultations and satisfactory surveys that we hold.
4. Reading our newsletter and if you want you can write articles for it as well.
5. You can let us know when we are getting it right - and getting it wrong!
6. Join our Customer Focus Group - meets 2 times a year

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and keep up to date with us on our website.

Gardeen Housing Association wants to put control of the housing service into the hands of the residents. We want to give you a chance to get your voice heard and stay up to date with what is going on in your area. We need you to help us achieve this.







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