The Scottish Social Housing Charter

The Scottish Social Housing Charter


Purpose of the Charter

The Charter will help to improve the quality and value of the services that social landlords provide, and supports the Scottish Government's long term aim of creating a safer and stronger Scotland. It will do so by:

Stating clearly what tenants and other customers can expect from social landlords, and helping them to hold landlords to account.

Focusing the efforts of social landlords on achieving outcomes that matter to their customers.

Establishing a basis for the Scottish Housing Regulator to assess and report on how well landlords are preforming. This assessment will enable the Regulator, social landlords, tenants and other customers to identify areas of strong performance and areas needing improvement.

The Regulator's reports will also help the Scottish Government ensure that public investment in new social housing goes only to landlords assessed as performing well.

The Charter outcomes and standards are listed below:

The customer/landlord relationship

1: Equalities

2: Communication

3: Participation

Housing quality and maintenance

4: Quality of housing

5: Repairs, maintenance and improvements

Neighbourhood and community

6: Estate management, anti-social behaviour, neighbour nuisance and tenancy disputes

Access to housing and support

7, 8 and 9: Housing options

10: Access to social housing

11:  Tenancy sustainment

12: Homeless People

Getting good value from rents and service charges

13: Value for money

14 and 15: Rents and services charges

Other customers

16. Gypsies/Travellers

We want to find out what you think is important and how we can improve performance.

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