Our Vision and Key Objectives

Our Vision and Key Objectives

Our Vision

At Hillhead Housing Association; we help; we listen; we’re respected.

We have the freedom to do things differently and if we say it – we’ll do it.

Everyone has a part to play in the success of the Association. We look after our people. They feel valued and know that their views are important. We have enthusiastic, motivated people that work together and go the extra mile. It’s a great place to work in with excellent working conditions.

Hillhead is a community that people want to be part of.

At Hillhead our homes are built and maintained to a high standard - it’s a place where repairs are carried out on time, first time.

Not only are we recognised for the work we do, but people want to see how we do things.

In Hillhead there is a real spirit of community of tenants who want to get involved. Through our work with others we have transformed Hillhead.


This vision is used to shape and direct the priorities, proposals, policies and procedures adopted by the Association.


Our mission is to improve Hillhead for our tenants and the wider community by providing better homes, helping create a better quality of life and involving local people in what we do.