Emergency Repair Numbers

Emergency Repair Numbers

01294 468113 (Gas Heating)

0844 247 2120 (all other emergency repairs)

0141 643 3744  (Planned Maintenance emergency repairs)

0845 606 1555 (Emergency repairs to newbuild properties built within 1 year)

If you have an emergency gas heating repair when the office is closed you should telephone the out of hours repairs service on 01294 468 113. For all other emergency repairs you should telephone 0844 247 2120

Please note the above service is for emergency repairs only – all other repairs should be reported to the Association either in person, by telephone or by email. Examples of emergency repairs are listed on pages 49 to 51 of the Association’s Tenants Handbook which can also be accessed from the Related Documents section of this page.


If your home has had planned maintenance works completed within the past 12 months, any repairs in relation to these works should be reported to the planned maintenance contractor CCG on 0141 643 3744

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