Search For Available Properties

Search For Available Properties



Use the facility above to search for properties that are currently available through the Inverclyde Common Housing Register.  You can search by selecting either the list you are on, the location you are looking for, the type of property you are looking for or the size of property you require.  If you are unsure about what list you are on you can find this information on your ICHR statement or you can contact Oak Tree HA or Cloch HA who will advise you.

If you want to look at all the available properties just simply click "search." 


Click on the archive tab to check the outcome of propertiesthat have been let through the ICHR. Search for the property you bid on.  You will see how many 'best fit' bids there were for the property and how many bids were not 'best fit'. You can also download a report which will detail where you ranked for this property.  This report details applicants in application reference order, the number beside the reference indicated where you ranked for the property, ie if the number 12 is beside your application reference this means you ranked 12th for that particular property.

Your ranking will vary depending on which property you bid for and how many other bids were received.  We encourage you to check the outcome reports after you bid, this will give you more of an idea of the type of property you may be allocated.



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