Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Anyone over the age of 16 years is eligible to apply to become a member of Lochfield Park.

Lochfield Park is run by a Management Committee elected annually from within the membership. It is the Management Committee who oversee the work of the Association and has responsibility for agreeing all its policies and procedures.

Staff are employed by Lochfield Park to carry out the day-to-day work and ensure that we provide a high quality service to our tenants and other customers.

Applying for Membership

Rule 8.1

To apply for membership, you must send an application form and one pound to the Secretary at our registered office.  Our Committee will consider your application at its next meeting or as soon as possible after that.  We will return your money if we do not approve your application.

An application for membership will not be considered by the Committee within the 14 day period occurring before the date of a general meeting.

Ending your Membership

Rule 12.2

If the Committee is satisfied that:

-   you have failed to tell us of a change of address as set out in Rule 11 or;
-   you have failed to attend  five annual general meetings in a row and you did not submit apologies;

we will end your membership and cancel your share.

Please note that these are only 2 excerpts from the Association's Rules and should be read in the context of the full Rules of Lochfield Park Housing Association Ltd, available to view on this website and availalbe from our registered office.