Your Tenancy

Being a tenant of Lochfield Park gives you a number of rights. It also places a number of responsibilities on you and your family. These rights and responsibilities are there to ensure that you and all our tenants are able to enjoy their homes to the full.

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract and it is therefore very important that you understand what you are signing.

A member of our staff will go through the agreement with you prior to signing and you will then be given a copy of the agreement along with a summary document for your reference.

Type of Tenancy

From 30 September 2002 all Lochfield Park Tenants became Scottish Secure Tenants. This gave tenants certain rights and responsibilities laid out in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. These apply whether or not you have signed a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.

If you have signed a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement then you will have additional rights and responsibilities as stated in the Agreement.