Being a Good Neighbour

Being a Good Neighbour

Living beside other people can sometimes cause problems or difficulties for everyone and it is important to show a degree of tolerance and common sense in what can sometimes be frustrating and difficult circumstances.

If you live in a flat, following a few simple rules can make life more enjoyable for everyone:


  • Take your turn at cleaning the stairs and common areas
  • Keep any pets under control at all times
  • Close gates and doors behind you, particularly doors in blocks with controlled entry systems
  • Keep an eye on your children and don’t let them be a nuisance to neighbours
  • Be tolerant of moderate noise from other flats
  • Ensure visitors to your home enter and leave the property quietly, particularly late at night
  • Put your rubbish into the bins provided at the back court area and put out the bins on the appropriate day for cleansing services.
  • Wipe clean windows and window sills on common landings


  • Play music, TV etc at loud volume, especially late at night
  • Leave bikes, etc or other items cluttering up or blocking stairs
  • Leave rubbish on the stairs as this may be a fire hazard
  • Wedge open door entry systems
  • Let anybody into the block if you don’t know who they are
  • Use household appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners late at night