Being a Tenant

Being a Tenant

Security Of Tenure

The Tenancy Agreement can only be ended in one of the following ways:
•Four weeks’ notice by the tenant
•Written agreement by the tenant and landlord
•By the landlord taking court action to recover possession on one or more of the grounds specified in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001
•Action by the landlord as a result of abandonment of the house by the tenant
•The death of the tenant where no-one meets the statutory requirements for succession
•Where the tenant or a member of the tenants’ household is the subject of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, and the landlord takes action to convert the tenancy to a Short Secure Tenancy
Actions for Recovery

Lochfield Park can take recovery action against tenants who are harassing someone living in or visiting the area.

Recovery action can also be taken where false information has been given on a Housing Application.

If recovery action is taken, other occupiers who are not tenants (for example – lodgers) have the right to be heard in court in any proceedings to recover the property.

Evictions cannot take place unless the Sheriff is satisfied that it is reasonable.
Right to Buy

Some or our existing tenants have the “Preserved Right to Buy” as part of their Stock Transfer from Glasgow City Council.  We have written to all of our tenants informing them of whether they have the “Preserved Right to Buy” or not.

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 also introduced the “Modernised Right to Buy” effective from 30 September 2002.

Information on the “Preserved Right to Buy” and “Modernised Right to Buy” will be provided to you at the time of signing your tenancy along with a leaflet explaining the details of the scheme.
Right to a Joint Tenancy

People who are not tenants but occupy the house as their only principal home can apply for a joint tenancy.  Lochfield Park must agree to this unless it has reasonable grounds for not doing so.
Succession Rights

There are improved rights for those living in the house to gain the tenancy on the death of the tenant.  Your tenancy agreement details these rights.
Assignation, Sub-letting & Exchanges

You have certain rights with regard to assignation, sub-letting & exchanges.  However, before exercising these rights you must first seek our permission in writing.  We will discuss the matter with you and inform you of our decision in writing.

Remember you must first submit a written request and obtain our permission in writing.
Right to Repair

As a Scottish Secure Tenant you are entitled to have a qualifying repair carried out to your house within a specified timescale.  Information about the types of repair and timescales (working days) within which they require to be completed are provided elsewhere on this site.
Compensation for Improvements

You have the right to compensation at the end of your tenancy for certain types of improvements you have made to your home with the permission of Lochfield Park.  Details of our Compensation for Improvements Policy and Procedures are provided elsewhere on this site and are also available in leaflets from our reception staff.

You have the right to be consulted and receive information on issues affecting your tenancy with Lochfield Park including:
•Being given information on your Right to Buy your home and on the obligations – likely to be incurred if the Right to Buy is exercised.
•Being provided with details and information about Lochfield Park’s Complaints Procedure.
•Being given information on a range of matters including policies on rent setting, allocations and repairs.
•Being consulted on any proposed rent and / or service charge increase.
•Being consulted and involved in the development of Lochfield Parks’ Tenant Participation Strategy.