About Us

About Us


Oak Tree Housing Association Ltd was formed in April 2001 as a result of the merger of Bow Farm Housing Association and James Watt Housing Association. Victoria Housing Association then joined the new organisation at the end of June 2001.

The three associations chose to come together for a variety of different reasons but primarily to create an organisation which is stronger than the sum of its parts and one that will have an effective long-term future.

In January 2012 Cloch Housing Association agreed to enter into a constitutional partnership with Oak Tree Housing Association by becoming a subsidiary of the Association. 

We are a founder member of the Inverclyde Common Housing Register. Oak Tree Housing Association has a track record of developing and managing good quality homes in Inverclyde.  In partnership with Inverclyde Council, we have formed a subsidiary (Oak Tree Housing Initiatives Ltd) to help bring empty homes back into use and provide stable homes for people in the private sector.  We also continue to run a lead tenancy scheme with the Councils Homeless Service to access private rented sector accommodation.

Oak Tree Housing Association is very performance orientated with Service Delivery its main focus and increasingly involving tenants and residents in its decision-making processes.

The Association owns and manages approximately 1721 houses throughout Inverclyde and provides a factoring service for around 250 owners and around 1,000 landscaping customers.

Over the past 27 years Oak Tree Housing Association has completed 57 development projects. The total investment to date has been approximately £122.7m and the programme has catered for a variety of tenures. At 75%, social housing is the largest tenure.  However, the programme has also provided accommodation for low cost home ownership and outright sale on a shared equity basis.

Work has involved refurbishment, conversion, newbuild and demolition. Wider action involvement was also significant in the development of a community centre in the Branchton Social Inclusion Partnership area. In fact, the regeneration of previously designated Social Inclusion Partnership areas had been the main focus of the Associations development activities in recent years. Development of these areas placed much emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency and community involvement and the work that has been carried out in Branchton, Wren Road and Grieve Road is a credit to the Association and our development partners. This has helped to provide sustainable energy efficient affordable homes for 240 tenants and sharing owners.

Past achievements include the refurbishment of 57 closes in the West Station and Town Centre areas of Greenock. New build which accounts for 64% of the Associations total development programme has, over the years, provided a healthy mix of flats, and cottages. In addition, a number of special needs facilities have been provided and these have helped people with learning disabilities to live a healthy life in the local community rather than remain in hospital care. The Association also built a Woman's Aid Refuge and this has been a great asset for the community in helping to address domestic abuse issues.

Development activity remains closely linked with current local authority and government priorities for housing in Inverclyde.  The last project completed by the Association was a second phase of a 29 unit new build development at Earnhill Gardens in Greenock.  Three additional projects are now being progressed.  These include the development of a gap site between tenements at Shore Street in Gourock and the development of two brownfield sites at Garvald Street and Auchmead Road in Greenock.  When completed an additional 92 cottages and 8 flats will be added to the Association’s existing portfolio of social housing.  The Garvald Street and Shore Street developments are expected to complete sometime in 2017. The Auchmead Road development is expected to complete in 2018.  The investment attributed to these three additional projects is approximately £11.7m.

Oak Tree’s annual turnover is currently around £9.7m.


The Association is a registered charity. 

Communication has been the key to our success and the Association would like to thank all of the stakeholders who have been involved in our projects. Their commitment is paramount and we will continue to involve them in all aspects of our future development activities.

The Association is managed by a Committee of Management of 15 members and operates currently through four sub-committees as follows:


  • Housing & Technical Services Sub-Committee
  • Finance, Staffing & General Purposes Sub-Committee 
  • Joint  Audit Sub-Committee


All Sub Committees meet on a quarterly basis with the Joint Audit Committee having 3 meetings in the year.