Oak Tree Outcomes Report Oct 15 & SHR Landlord Report

Oak Tree Outcomes Report Oct 15 & SHR Landlord Report

OTHA wants to work with you to make our services to you better.  To give you an idea of how well we have performed as your landlord, we are pleased to provide you with two reports which measure our service against the Scottish Social Housing Charter Outcomes.


Scottish Housing Regulator Report
This was produced by the Scottish Housing Regulator.  It looks at how OTHA is performing against the Scottish Social Housing Charter in the areas that tenants told the Rgulator matter most to them:
homes and rents / tenant satisfaction / value for money / quality and maintenance / neighbourhoods

The Regulator has all the charter data submitted by all Scottish social landlords on their website.  You can read standardised performance reports about each of Scotland's social landlords.  You can also use graphs and charts to compare OTHA's performance against the national average and up to four other landlords.
You can get the report and access to the tools from the Regulators website click here to access the SHR website.

OTHA Outcomes Report 2015/16
We developed this report after feedback from tenants.  This told us what our report should cover and how the information should be presented.  We were told to keep the report short and to cover the most important areas.  This year we have added information about lets and expenditure as some tenants said they were interested in this.  We have left out a lot of information about tenant satisfaction as we are due to carry out a new independent tenant satisfaction survey before the end of the year.

We hope we have given you enough information on the important things that matter to you.
You can tell us what you think about it in a number of ways:
text your comments to 07866 555 538 / email your comments to info@oaktreeha.org.uk / phone Kate Dahlstrom on 01475 807000 to discuss your thoughts or speak to any member of staff who will feedback your views / use the comments form on the website

This report is only a shanpshot of what we have done this year.  You can get more detail about what OTHA has been doing in our newsletters or on this website.  If you dont see what you want there, please just ask. 

Oak Tree Outcomes Report Oct 15 & SHR Landlord Report