About Us

About Us

We are a not-for-profit organisation, formed by local people concerned at the lack of affordable housing in our communities. We have been a Registered Social Landlord since 1984 and a Scottish Charity from 2004.

We are an independent body, accountable to our membership. A copy of the Rules of the Association can be downloaded from related documents at the bottom of the page.

Management Committee

Our Management Committee consists of up to 15 people and includes Association tenants, owners, local community activists and people with relevant professional and business expertise.

Details of the current members of the Management Committee can be downloaded from related documents at the bottom of the page .

The Management Committee takes strategic, policy and major finance decisions affecting the Association. A team of professional staff are employed to advise the Committee and carry out the day to day work of the Association on its behalf.

Committee Members all have a commitment to the work of the Association and freely give up their own time. There are at least 12 full meetings of the Management Committee each year. Members of the public are able to attend as observers.

Please contact Sandra Marshall - 0141 583 4124 - if you wish information about how to join our Management Committee.

Management Committee Meeting Dates 2017 are listed in related documents at the bottom of the page .


'The Association aims to remain focussed on providing quality, affordable homes and excellent customer service.'

PSHA Strategic Objectives:

1. PLACE - Provide quality, safe, attractive, affordable, warm homes.

2. CUSTOMER SERVICE - Provide excellent customer service which represents best value for money and embraces current technology and communications.

3. GOVERNANCE - Ensure a robust governance structure through the strength of the governing body.

4. ASSET MANAGEMENT - Ensure the Association invests wisely making best use of assests.

5. VIABILITY & Value For Money - Ensure financial viability and value for money in all operations and services

6. HUMAN RESOURCES - Recruit, develop and retain professional staff.

7. REGENERATION - Focus any wider role projects on enhancing core services, improving quality of life for our residents and improving life chances.

8. PARTNERSHIPS - Explore partnerships which assist the Association to meet our vision and strategic objectives.

9. PARTICIPATION - Give customers opportunities to participate in a variety of ways that meet their priorities.



Life membership is open to anyone who supports the Association’s objectives, on payment of £1. There are now approximately 45 members. Members are entitled to:

Take part in our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Elect the members of the Management Committee
Stand for election
Receive quarterly newsletters about the work of the Association.
A Membership Application form can be downloaded from related documents at the bottom of the page.

Collaboration with others

The Association is a member of Employers in Voluntary Housing (EVH) and abides by the Employment Conditions of Service. At a local level we are also part of FLAIR – the Federation of Local Associations in Renfrewshire through which we collaborate with other local housing associations including Barrhead, Bridgewater, Linstone and Williamsburgh, for example with regard to staff and Committee training and benchmarking.