Management Committee Information

Management Committee Information

The Management Committee welcome new people who are interested in taking part in supporting their community.  The role of the Management Committee is to take important decisions about the future direction of the Association. They set priorities and targets to meet the aims of the Association.  They also make sure that policies meet legislation, the aims of the Association and the needs of the community.  Staff are employed by the management committee to manage the Association on a day to day basis.  The Management Committee generally meets once a month.  Members receive training to help them in their role and sometimes the experience of volunteering can help people get a job.  No payment is made to Committee Members but out of pocket expenses e.g. travelling, meals and childminding may be claimed.

See below for related documents and further details about joining the committee.

Current Committee Members: 

Jean Black


Kenny McGinty

Vice Chairperson 

Myra Frater


Josephine McGinty


Sharon Kane 


Winifred McPhail


Jim O'Connor 


Melanie Paterson


Amanda Smith


Anna Welsh


Aziz Yasin