Scottish Social Housing Charter

Scottish Social Housing Charter

What is The Scottish Social Housing Charter?

It is a new way of monitoring how social landlord’s are performing and meeting customer expectations. The Charter sets out the standards and outcomes that all social landlords should aim to achieve when performing their everyday housing activities.

Where did The Charter come from?

The Charter was introduced by section 31of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010. It was developed in consultation with the Scottish Housing Regulator, tenants, representative bodies, homeless people, other stakeholders and social landlords. It was published by the Scottish Government and approved by the Scottish Parliament in March 2012. It supports the Scottish Government’s long-term vision for a safer, stronger Scotland.

What is the purpose of The Charter?

At the heart of the Charter is delivering good customer service and meeting customer expectations, something that we are committed to at Pineview. The Charter aims to improve upon quality and standards of service across all social landlords. This will be achieved by customers having a clear idea of what they can expect from their landlords. These outcomes have been decided on in consultation with tenants.

What does The Charter mean for customers?

It means customer involvement and customer satisfaction, which are already fundamental to the aims of Pineview but the Charter provides some challenges in how we might do this differently and we are currently working with the Management Committee and Resident Forum on ways to achieve this.

How is our success measured?

The Charter is split into seven sections and contains a total of 16 outcomes and standards. Social landlords will have to collect and provide information on their performance against these standards and outcomes and will be assessed based on this.

Who makes sure we meet the outcomes?

The Scottish Housing Regulator is responsible. It has set out how it will achieve this in its new Regulatory Framework which can be viewed below.

How will customers know how we are performing?

In three main ways:

Annual Return of the Charter (ARC)

All landlords will be required to report their results May to the Scottish Housing Regulator. The Scottish Housing Reguator will then produce an annual report so you can see how we compare against other landlords. This report will be published annually in August and will be available here and on the Regulator’s website.  You can see the information we submitted in the report below 2013-14 Annual Return on Charter.

Pineview Performance Report

We will also assess our own performance and publish an annual performance report by October each year – this will replace our current Annual Report. This report will develop over time to have significant input on the design and content from residents. Residents will also help us assess our performance. The report will be made available here and we will also send out copies to all our residents.

Tenant Newsletter

We will report performance updates in our quarterly Resident Newsletter

Further Information

Get all the information you need on the Scottish Social Housing Charter by downloading the documents below.