Tenant Participation

Tenant Participation

The Association believes that tenants and service users should be involved in making decisions that affect them and the community they live in. This is what we call ‘Tenant Participation’.

The purpose/aims of tenant participation are:

  • To encourage tenants to exercise their right to be involved in the decisions affecting their home and service at whatever level of participation they choose.
  • To improve the decision making process by enabling tenants to have an input to the decisions being taken by staff and committee.
  • To protect the investment in the area by increasing the community’s sense of ownership.
  • To increase the sense of “community” in the Association’s area.
  • To provide as much information as possible in an easy to understand format and to enable tenants to provide us with information to help identify their needs.

Our service users views are important to us and we would encourage you to provide feedback in order to help improve and shape the service we provide.