Mutual Exchange Register

Mutual Exchange Register


Mutual Exchanges

Tenants of  Ruchazie Housing Association can exchange their property with another Ruchazie tenant or with a tenant of another housing association or local authority. 

We have a mutual exchange policy and guidance on applying for an exchange, and we recommend that you read this leaflet before applying for an exchange. by Clicking here

Mutual Exchange Register

The Association maintains a register of tenants interested in a mutual exchange, which can be viewed by visiting our offices at 24 Avondale Street.

You can also view a list of current exchange requests below.    To add your mutual exchange request to our register, please contact the office.

To protect your privacy, we do not publish a tenant’s personal details or contact information on the register and if you wish to obtain more details about a particular listing, take a note of the reference number and contact a member of the housing services team.

Applying For a Mutual Exchange

When you have found another tenant you wish to exchange with, both tenants should complete a Mutual Exchange Application Form and send both forms together to our office. 


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