Staff Team

Staff Team

The members of the Association's staff team are as follows:

Tony Teasdale, Director   (


Kirsty Brown, Finance and Corporate Services Manager   (

Campbell Hall, Senior Development Officer (

Malcolm Lee, Senior Maintenance Officer (

Jackie Leeds, Acting Senior Housing Officer  (


Angela Cameron, Housing Officer (temporary) - part time.  (

Liz Drummond, Housing Assistant  (

Rachel Forsyth, Administrative Assistant (

Gillian Lynas, Housing Officer (part-time) - works Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning (

Sarah Lindores-Williams, Housing Officer (temporary) - Full time (

Kevin McGhee, Income Maximisation Officer (part-time) - works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (

Robert McGregor, Maintenance Officer  (

Susan Mackay, Corporate Services Officer (part-time) works Mon-Wed, Friday (

Nicola McKenna, Finance Officer (part-time)  works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (


As a relatively small organisation we buy-in specialist services for IT.