Venachar Ltd.

Venachar Ltd.

About Venachar Ltd  

Venachar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rural Stirling Housing Association (RSHA) and its registered office is c/o RSHA, Stirling Road, Doune FK16 6AA.   It is a non-charitable body (Company no. SC447415) that has been set up to deliver projects that meet RSHA’s objectives but which the Association cannot deliver directly.  

Our first Business Plan can be viewed here.

 It operates in accordance with an Independence Agreement with RSHA and its remit is:

  • To provide management services to private owners in the local area
  •  Operation of the Rural Stirling Empty Homes Project including:
    • Administration of loans to owners of empty property in accordance with the Scottish Government’s Empty Homes  Loan Fund , utilising the allocation of monies from the Scottish Government to RSHA and on-lent to Venachar;
    •    Entering into lease agreements with those owners to enable the property to be brought back into use as affordable housing
  •   Management of other property owned , developed or acquired by RSHA as agreed with the parent
  •   Other activities as agreed with RSHA from time to time as part of the Business Plan.

A copy of the services offered to property owners can be viewed here.

 Venachar is overseen by a volunteer Board of three Members – two independent and one RSHA nominee, as follows:

  • Hector Currie (Chair)
  • Alison Smith
  • Margaret Vass (RSHA nominee).

Venachar does not directly employ staff and has a Service Sharing Agreement with RSHA.