Housing for Rent

Housing for Rent


The Association has between 30 and 40 properties becoming available for re-let every year (click here for further information). We also have new properties to let depending on our development programme.  

We operate an open list, and anyone over the age of 16 living in the UK can apply to join our housing list by completing an application form.  You can download a form, telephone this office on 01786 841101 or email us at and we will send one to you.  We have a Guide for Applicants which explains how we will assess applications and how we allocate our houses.  There is also a  Health and Housing Needs Form to assess whether your current home is unsuitable for health reasons. You can also obtain copies of all documents from our office.

Local Lettings Initiative leaflet, Campsie Road, Strathblane 

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness then you should contact Stirling Council's housing options team by telephoning 01786 237900 or out of hours 01786 470500. You can find out more information by visiting  on this website you can get information on other housing options available to you.  You can also get good advice and information on homelessness and your rights on


We have a Nominations Agreement with Stirling Council under which up to 50% of our vacancies are offered to applicants put forward by the Council. The Council will choose whether to nominate applicants from their own housing list.  We encourage all applicants to the Association to also apply for housing to the Council. You can request an application form and information guide for Stirling Council by telephoning 0845 277 7000, by emailing or by logging on to the Council’s website .

Transfers for Existing Association Tenants
If you are already one of our tenants you can apply for a transfer. A transfer may be required due to change in your household size, for health reasons or if you require a different type of property or area.

You can apply for a transfer by completing our housing application form - see above for further details. You will then be added to our housing list and your application will be assessed and considered along with all other applicants.

Mutual Exchanges
You can also exchange your home by mutual agreement with either another housing association or Council tenant. We keep a register called -  the Mutual Exchange Register - of all the people who are seeking to exchange their home.

If you are interested in any of the exchanges listed in the Register please contact the office on 01786 841101, quoting the reference number of the exchange.

Please note that no exchange can take place until we give you written permission. An application form for a mutual exchange can be donwloaded or requested from our office or by email at

We are members of HomeSwapper which is a mutual exchange matching web site. Our tenants can now register with HomeSwapper free of charge, and get information about tenants in this area who want to exchange houses, as well as details of people wanting to move here from outside the area.

If you are not one of our tenants, check with your landlord to see if they are registered with HomeSwapper. Even if your landlord isn't registered with HomeSwapper you can still use this web based mutual exchange system, but you will need to pay a small registration fee. For more information about HomeSwapper visit their website at . If you find someone to carry out an exchange with, either through HomeSwapper or another way, you must get written permission from us (or your own landlord if you are not one of our tenants) before an exchange can take place. If you are one of our tenants you can get an application form and guidance notes from our office or email:  

Mortgage to Rent scheme
We participate in this scheme that is specifically aimed at owner occupiers in danger of potentially having their home repossessed. Funding is made available by the Scottish Government to housing associations in order to buy these homes so that households can continue to live there as a tenant.

If you would like more information about this scheme or an application form please contact us by telephoning 01786 841101.