Low Cost Home Ownership

Low Cost Home Ownership

As well as housing for rent the Association also provides some low cost homeownership housing. This has previously been under the “Shared Ownership “scheme. In future we plan to develop some homes under the newer “New Supply Shared Equity” scheme.

These schemes provide a low-cost route onto the home ownership ladder. They are primarily aimed at people who wish to own their own home but cannot afford to buy a property outright.

Shared Ownership

Under this arrangement you can purchase a 25%, 50% or 75% share depending on how much you can afford. A monthly occupancy payment is paid to us based on the size of the share that we still own.

After the first year you may purchase a further share. If you wish, you can ultimately buy 100% but there is no obligation to do so.

An information leaflet about Shared Ownership can be viewed via the link below or in our Document Library under "leaflets".

We currently have 25 Shared Ownership homes in management. We currently have no plans to build anymore. Opportunities to purchase shared ownership housing occasionally become available when existing Sharing Owners are looking to sell on. If you would like an application form for shared ownership please contact us at:



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Low Cost Home Ownership